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Workplace Productivity

Overwhelmed? Busy with little to show for it? Falling behind? Our mission is to help you manage your work-life balance to achieve effective Workplace Productivity and keep your sanity.  In short –  getting the RIGHT work done with focus, clarity, confidence and impact.

Whether you want to improve your own, your workgroup, your team or your organization’s work processes, our proven methodologies are designed to integrate with your preferred workstyles, new technologies and “personal operating practices”.

Whether you want to self-study, receive training or work in partnership with us to have a personalized and customized approach to reaching your goals, we are ready to help you increase your efficiency and effectiveness on the path to improving your Workplace Productivity!

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Lynn Coffman and Mike Valentine

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Superb book with clear and easy to implement directions for decreasing the hours you waste doing email. I was shocked that anything could help, but this gem of a productivity masterpiece sure did.  We get over 600 emails a day, and now we have dramatically cut down the time handling them. BUY and USE this short but oh-so-terrific book – it really delivers ways to enhance your productivity.”

Robin Ryan – AMAZON #1 Business Bestseller  ‘Over 40 & You’re Hired!’

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  • Taming the Email Monster (PDF)
  • The New Frontier of Lean (PDF)
  • Proactive Management Ensures Successful Facilities Planning (PDF)
  • Leaning Intellectual Products – There is a Difference (PDF)

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Workplace Productivity

Thanks for your insights. I have regained 6 to 8 hours of my workweek that I was wasting with emails, meetings and searching for information……. More important, I am using these reclaimed hours to do productive work that really matters to my organization. I’ve accomplished more important items this month than I did in the previous three months combined.

Henry DeVries

Mike. Thank you seems too small for expressing our appreciation for the outstanding moderation you provided for last week’s community conversation. We see it as one of the most successful CPD programs, a very good deliberative dialogue. You did a masterful job of moderating a complex a difficult topic. All aspects of the conversation, the responses of the community members, the remarks of the public officials were directed toward finding a solution for the question – how should we decide water allocation?

Jerry and Maxine Ewig

Kettering Foundation

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