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Generally tied to an initiative, we help your company, department or team to create work and operational excellence to meet your customer’s requirements. You may be coping with restructuring, new missions, new role definitions, or new technologies.Reading View. Press Alt Shift A for accessibility help.

Regardless of the challenge, our Business Process Consulting eases the transition from current methods and procedures to the more efficient and effective processes that support your new direction (initiative).


  • Analysis and Value Stream Mapping – The basic business process of the new initiative is analyzed and mapped to clearly identify the value of the intellectual product to the customer.
  • Environmental Study – Investigation, research and analysis is done to obtain a clear picture of the present state including current manual procedures and technological support.
  • Recommendations and Modeling – Creation of an architecture and plan, unique to the client’s enterprise based on the previous analysis and study.
  • Implementation – Training and/or coaching of the personnel involved to insure the understanding, buy-in, and implementation of the initiative.