Slay the E-mail Monster
Even though you are a hard working Knowledge Worker, our research shows that up to eight hours per week is wasted effort (muda). Following the steps in this book can recover those hours and allow you to focus on what we call value work: projects and tasks that matter most to you and your organization’s success. Additionally you will gain the peace of mind that all tasks are under control, you will reduce your stress because you will be less harried, and you will accomplish increased amounts of value work that results in both a happy boss and happy clients.

When the knight set off on his quest, his goal was not to kill the dragon. His goal was to find the princess. The dragon was one of the obstacles blocking him from reaching his goal. Email issues are obstacles to reaching your goal; effectively and efficiently getting your work done. So the purpose of this book is to slay that monster and remove that obstacle.

Let’s begin to kill the muda before the muda kills you.

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What they are Saying about the Book
“… the basic concepts are easy to implement but powerful in terms of their productivity and what one gains from consistently applying the techniques”

“I just wanted to let you both know that I have ZERO emails in my inbox. And that makes me happy”.
Owner, Video Production

“It’s completely changed my email habits – I spend significantly less time wading through email.”
Marketing Manager

“Thank very much for helping me when I needed help the most.”
MBA Student

“Thanks to your insights I have regained 6 to 8 hours of my work week that I was wasting with emails, meetings and searching for information. Now everything is organized, in its place, and I leave every day with zero items in my email in-basket. More important, I am using these reclaimed hours to do productive work that really matters to my organization. I’ve accomplished more important items this month than I did in the previous three months combined.”
Director of Communications

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