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Productivity Coaching

Productivity Coaching

A two-day Productivity Coaching program, for small groups of 6 participants, that provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of managing the retrieval of work and information, and managing the workflow to completion. A system to get people in control of their work-life; Remove waste, Keep track of information and work, Get the value work done, and Regain control.

In this program, participants will learn to manage the information retrieval points for which they are responsible. This includes physical files, personal computer drives, internet bookmarks, share drives, and virtual resources. They will also learn to develop personal operating policies for managing routine workflow. This includes managing of information inputs (including email), making workflow decisions, and managing work in progress maximizing their company’s technology (Outlook® , Lotus Notes®, etc.). The organization gains consistency of deliverables, shorter cycle times in decision making, less stress, and replicable group standards.

I would highly recommend Michael and Lynn. Over a year ago they provided personalized training to our Management Team and it greatly enhanced our overall effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. They are personable, knowledgeable, able to tailor-make their recommendations to fit your unique work situations. Thank you Michael and Lynn for helping us free time for our mission…..versus being buried in paperwork and frustrated by the tyranny of the urgent…

Tammy Wilson

Oak Grove

Productivity Coaching

A two-day Productivity Coaching program that is designed for the busy executive whose schedule and issues are not appropriate for a group session. This is an intensive one-on-one consultative coaching program that spans two days. The first day is a full day at the executive’s office during which core principles are presented in a highly interactive session. The executive’s assistant could be involved in a portion of that session. The remaining day will apply the principles to Enterprise Level Business Objectives, and to the unique challenges and issues facing the executive.

I also had the benefit of individualized executive training and coaching with Michael. This was by far the best training of any time management technique I have ever had…..

Director of Benefits, ORAU

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